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tv   News Weekly  RT  July 27, 2014 12:00pm-12:16pm EDT

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an entire family has been killed in the eastern ukrainian city of they were among civilian lives lost in heavy shelling some graphic images have emerged from the city apparently showing residential areas coming under fire. from the combat in the region forces international teams to scrap their plans to travel to the malaysian plane crash site. launches an offensive on the nearby town. also this week russia's defense ministry. data suggesting there was a second plane near the malaysian airliner possibly a ukrainian military fighter while the u.s. is being pressurized to present its own evidence to the accusations against moscow
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is there a you tube video shortly that you can point to washington maintains russia is aiding the local militia in eastern ukraine animals involved in the crash but refuses to specify the source of the information. also coming up a humanitarian true struggles to hold. in israel forces fail to reach a cease fire deal with israel following more naval attacks in retaliation to rocket fire. welcome to the weekly here in r t international the top stories from the past seven days plus up to the moment developments as well i'm going on a welcome an entire family. he has been killed after being caught in deadly fire as
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kiev's army launched a crackdown on anti-government forces in the eastern city of they following pictures containing graphic images a young couple were taking a walk with their one year old child when a shell landed nearby all three died instantly on these images are a partly from the scene. my particularly if closely with the book i think a little bit more open to me to go. at least thirteen people including two children were killed in court and the latest part of kiev so-called terrorist operation medical teams are said to be working to the limits of the continuous shelling which is left burnt bodies scattered all across the city center and several buildings in ruins here is what one local resident told us. we will go out of water there was a strike on the city most likely from grad rocket systems there is
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a very popular supermarket in the city center when the shelf alone to which there were a lot of customers then another fell in a residential yard in another near the city's maternity home causing the windows to blow out explosions could be heard all through the day starting from four in the morning they simply raising us to the ground. in lugansk the latest bombardment has reportedly claimed at least six lives after yesterday's shelling killed nineteen most of the two dozen damaged buildings where residential my school and kindergarten are also hit this is the aftermath of one of the bloodiest scenes where a bus stop full of people came under fire and this is how one of the witnesses described what it was sort of a little although. you just heard an awful. little thought there would be the five. would you talk more for you before you can do this the other. ones will be destroyed your brother or the other will you in the other
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be able and you can have the what you want to get what you heard was a little bit of those few. this week human rights watch lashed out at the ukrainian army for launching on guard a grad rockets into populated areas in the rest of east the group says the opposition controlled city of donetsk came under such missile attacks four times in mid july the group warns the grad rocket systems cannot precise attacks on their use in residential areas come classified as a war crime human rights watch is appeal to both sides of the conflict to stop using this kind of weaponry as more lives are at risk one of the authors of the report sees the ukrainian military should not get away with killing innocent people . neither side really seems to take enough precautions to make sure that civilians are not killed or injured and when he uses these kinds of weapons in populated areas it's a really high risk for civilians to be injured and killed and that's what we saw in
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the pitofsky district that civilians were being killed by these kinds of rockets and you were able to by looking at the creators looking at the direction from where the rockets were coming from looking at the. walls that were hit by these rockets so if it's if the rocket hits the western wall of the building it's coming from the west by doing that we were being we were able to establish where the attacks were coming from in for attacks they were coming from areas under the control of the ukrainian army so in four of these attacks in the nets which killed sixteen civilians we believe that the ukrainian army was responsible for those attacks we are calling a human rights watch is calling on both the ukrainian government and on separatist forces to immediately stop using grad rockets these kinds of indiscriminate weapons in populated areas and the ukrainian government should also investigate these cases
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where there are where there is reason to believe that ukrainian government forces were responsible for for the killing of civilians and both sides are denying the use of granite weapons or the use of at least the threat of weapons in populated areas. that are evidence is quite clear and the ukrainian government should investigate and should immediately stop the use of these weapons in populated areas . also this week more than forty ukrainian troops abandon their positions and cross the border into russia some of them have reportedly asked for russian citizenship the soldiers say they are fed up with waging war against their own people meanwhile those with injuries are now being treated in russian hospitals. the ukrainian military has also launched attacks on local militia near the malaysian plane crash site now the fighting is preventing international teams from reaching the scene the army is believed to be storming the town of torres as you can see right next to the
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scene of the tragedy on the spike ukraine's president petro poroshenko ordering a no combat zone forty kilometers in the area earlier this week now a team of australian and dutch police on experts as well as european security monitors are staying in the regional capital the nets are only able to reach the site of the crunch earlier local militia agreed for an international police presence at the scene but so far teams have had to abandon their plans due to be escalating violence in the area european security monitors reported the situation on the ground appeared on safe and hoping to get to the crash site on monday journalist patrick lang custer managed to visit the scene earlier. we had left the inmate crash right. while we were very very jet flying around overhead or we could hear explosions in the dirt and. there's we went forward to the space for our ukrainian military tanks going down the road and now we're very
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close to start first and torres an action scene you. know where our memory for there's heavy gunfire and explosions in. the netherlands from where the ill fated m.h. seventeen flight departed was hit the hardest by the tragedy the planes powering the bodies recovered from the scene have been arriving there throughout the week. the first victim from the disaster has been identified on the day is a dutch citizen a team of two hundred forensic experts says it could take months for all the victims to be identified or. reports from a country in groups i was i know the public so. the people of rope to pay tribute to a family is restored it was politics the very fabric of the community this family is so within the whole community would need a whole city so everybody knows someone here has been coming you know for years so
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you're quite shocked restaurant owners both were in genuine died in the crash alone with ms lewis mother jones we will only this son kevin wasn't on the flag now he's left pick up the pieces you can imagine how big the loss cease fire and his grandmother. works in the restaurant also. hope he can manage to. go on like you spend state outside the asian restaurant floral tributes pile up those who knew the family concerned more with making the dead to rest that needs a national plan that about investigating the tragedy the meeting is start with the bodies home return and sorry goodbye to them on the proper way ultimately what memorial service is like the one going on behind me show that even in its darkest hour the people of the netherlands are coming together to show that they stand as one peter all of
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a polity. honest really an couple who lost their daughter in the mh seven being crushed become the first family to visit the site of the tragedy they insisted on being driven to the crash scene despite warnings of combat in the area their twenty five year old daughter father was an aerospace engineering student and hoped to become a pilot. the first thing when we heard this he said how he should so five he said how do we survive it we promise al it we have promised our daughter we will come here but it actually as soon as possible does the time factor because he should have come here the minute it happened the next day. or the probe is yet to the stumble of the cause of the disaster but it's widely thought the m eight seventeen flight was shot on by a missile. defense ministry has presented its information on the crash publishing satellite images and radar data from a let's take
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a look. that is the text of another craft in the same path as the malaysian plane on it was sparing the part of me to resolve the ukrainian military jets whoever he claims all of its planes were on the ground at the time plus satellite images show ukrainian rocket launching system in the area just days before the crash but on the same day as the tragedy was a part of a move to an all known location russia's defense ministry is still waiting for comment on the information it has released we haven't received any from ukraine or from the trees to really come into our own poor simple causes for the disaster with more still their comments based on what you will from social media the u.s. sees the malaysian airliner was done by a surface to were launched from territory controlled by local militia and it's also blaming russia for aiding anti kiev forces washington as yet trivially evidence of
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claims that has been coming under increasing pressure from some media over its munting accusations towards moscow. i would like to know what you're basing this new evidence that the russians intend to send any heavier equipment home based on some intelligence information i can't get into sources and methods behind it but i was able to be able to tell you that is there a youtube video or something that you could point to that i mean you know engines and i'm just wondering if you would what it is i just said i wasn't going to give you the underlying source for it maybe you could use like that it won't really work it's not with us you're right i don't give you more information just say no i think like the source not actually ask you a question here but i can't give you the source invest it would you prefer i not give you the information theory i think that it would be best for all concerned here in the other question you when you make an allegation like that you're able to back it up with something more than just because i say so. and washington's
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accusations were picked up by many news outlets laying the blame for the crash directly of the russian president's the war artie's guy and it's such a callous been monitoring the media storm. the media coverage in the west has been largely slanted against russia public opinion of course response to that kind of coverage of accent i meant is that russia is probably involved and if involved they're probably going to cover it up that's where the public sentiment is and the c.n.n. poll the american people got it right in terms of who's to blame here folks fifty one percent said russians and directly involved only the stakes are high whoever shoulders the blame for this atrocity is going to be the target of global anger and right now it looks like it's russia's fault because. it's russia's fault. it's quite clearly the latest twist in this propaganda war the russians through their ambassador here in kuala lumpur presenting their version of events to the malaysian media there are also been attempts to discredit russian sources of information
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c.n.n. put out a breakdown of what it called russia's propaganda the first item on the list is this it says the russian take passengers were already dead when put aboard the m h seventeen but when you follow the link on this page it has an article in russian which reviews all the apparently quote unquote fake fur gins and conspiracy theories that are out there that's what the article says specifically about the theory that the bodies were dead before the crash it says literally then there is information which is simply impossible to believe c.n.n. presents it and calls it the russian take it is not the russian take in the same breakdown right after this dead bodies theory c.n.n. puts russian defense officials showing evidence that ukraine had the capability to shoot down the plane moscow is now saying ukraine did it showing evidence that it had the capability to do it contrary to what kiev is now say that claim is brushed off as propaganda information is now politically charged on all airwaves
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it seems many journalists have already handed down their verdict in washington i'm going to check on. some cia intelligence analysts reportedly suggested the missile that brought done flight m h seventeen was fired by ukrainian troops citing u.s. satellite images but that version is being silenced by the mainstream media house investigative journalist robert explains. this sort of prejudging of a case had can have serious consequences toward the the overall conclusion if for instance and i was told by one source that there are cia cia analysts in the us government who have been reviewing some of the satellite imagery and they and their inclination was at the missile battery was under the control of the ukrainian military but if you're those analysts and the secretary of state has come out with a conclusion which goes counter to that you might be more likely to not reach the conclusion that you're.


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